Clients and Testimonials

Mac Wright, CEO at Razor Thin Wins, Winter Park

"As a voice broadcast consultant I have to say after 16 years of experience that your records system is the easiest, most affordable and quickest file generation system I have seen since beginning my business. With the other services I often had to wait days just to pay a lot more for an inferior product without your level of plenary information."

Bob Cortes, Longwood City Commissioner, District 3

"First of all, I want to congratulate you on a fantastic product. Being new to politics I was able to win my election by 61% of the votes against a two-time incumbent with no negative record and no particular reason to change. I was able to win by using webElect's queries to target specific voter groups to contact. I don't know how someone would be able to campaign without the use of webElect. I am definitely recommending your product to others. I just wanted you to know how much I appreciated the use of this product and how much it helped me win my election."

Peter Nehr, Florida State House of Representatives, District 48

"After looking at various programs that are on the market I have found to be the most comprehensive and user friendly on the market. Not only is it great for producing walk lists with easy to read maps, it also includes software for financial reporting among many other features. It helped me win my election and I would never want to go back to anything else."

Ellyn Bogdanoff, Florida State House of Representatives, District 91

"[] the most comprehensive system I have worked with. It is an incredible tool for an election and to maintain contact with key supporters and constituents who have a particular interest." (Representative Bogdanoff is referring to the "group management" capabilities of

Robert Nelson, Walton School Board Candidate

"In a word on why candidates should use - - EASY. I have had access to Voter Vault for a long time. You have to know too much to make it work, and it is difficult to find training in this area. You also have to have a knowledge of database queries to use it. I have some limited experience from using Foxpro in a prior career, but it is so much easier with to just select what I want. Voter Vault is not current - data is usually 120 days old or more, and I can't see a way to classify people into groups that you can access from a computer connected to the internet." (also a reference to voter "group management" using

" is like having a personal employee of the Supervisor of Elections beside you. I use to get them to do all my different reports the way I wanted them as Excel data sheets, then would filter to get the final product. But the information is not standarized like I need it, so it required me to do quite a bit of clean up before I could get started. is easy enough that I am pulling labels and walk lists within minutes of signing in."

Rich Glorioso, Florida State House of Representatives, District 62

Denise Grimsley, Florida State House of Representatives, District 77

Adam Hasner, Florida State House of Representatives, District 87

Edward Homan, Florida State House of Representatives, District 60

*** is also part of the targeting strategies of several of Florida's top campaign consultants and PACs.***

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