Most webElect features are available as part of our monthly subscription packages and are listed in the Feature table below. A few features are available as stand-alone options that are paid in full once per election cycle. They are:

Pro Classic Finance
Search & view montlhy updated voter data. Daily updated Vote-by-mail and Early voted data is available to qualified campaigns.
Add additional individual and business contact records.
Add additional information to voters and contacts via custom tags and notes.
Grant other users access to your account at customizable permission levels. Monitor user activity.
Florida Division of Elections finance reporting. Track contribution and expense data with simple bank register. Creates electronic files in the specified Division of Elections format. Creates printed copies using the DOE's old printed layout specification.
Create lists of targeted voters based on demographics, party, vote history, etc. and output as either individual or householded records in various formats such as Excel exports, labels, walk books, birthday cards, precinct analysis, etc.
Create detailed walk packets of targeted voters using our Packet Maker tool on Google Maps. Use our Walk Projects to manage your walk targets and view the completion status as a graph and on a map. Our Mobile Walk App feeds walker collected info into your data for further targeting. User update locations are logged and activity reports provided for quality control. - Requires Walk Mapping Add-on Option -
Create phone bank Call Projects for simplified calling of targeted voters. Standard dialing is available at no charge while our Power Dialing via VoIP or Dial-In access requires pre-paid credits.
Create prefilled Petition and Vote-by-mail forms that just require a signature and date. Forms are barcoded with the voter's ID for easy recording back into webElect (and some SOEs appreciate it too!)
Track sign requests as sign type, qty, and delivery instruction and output delivery reports. *Note that the Walk Mapping option is needed to generate detailed map reports with turn-by-turn directions.
Maintain a campaign calendar with private and public events. Publish your public events to a website or access via other calendar applications.
Share walk data directly with the GOP (if necessary for your campaign).
Embeddable Sign-up forms allow you to create website sign-up forms to collect visitor information you place on your website. Our interactive and smart voter matching allows you to minimize the form to just name, zip, and email and still match most sign-ups to a voter.
Embeddable Donation forms work the same as sign-up forms with the addition that they feed the donation transaction directly in to your webElect finance records. -available soon-
Connect webElect tags & groups to your Constant Contact, Mail Chimp, or Campaign Monitor email service provider and push email addresses to the provider. Unsubscribe clicks sync back from the email service to a specified webElect tag or group. -beta-
Our Pages feature gives you a web presence with our simple website template and editor using various shared domain names, for example https://stumplify.com/johndoe . Or point your own domain to your pages and use our web editor to host a custom site. -beta-
GOTV Watchlist allows your users to create lists of voters they are responsible for (or interested in) getting out to vote. As the VBM and Early Voted data is updated each day, the user's watchlist is updated to show which voters: have voted; have a VBM ballot; or neither.
Query Florida state contribution data from the previous 4 cycles to see who and where the contributors you are concerned with are. Targeted contributors are ranked in descending order by amount contributed allowing you to maximize fundraising efforts. Also use to track your opponents contributors to remove from your campaign efforts and prevent wasted resources. - Requires Donor Query Add-on Option -
Premium Tags allow you to filter voters by certain professional licenses and hunting and fishing licenses. Great for fundraising and micro-targeting messaging. - Requires Premium Tags Add-on Option -

Last updated by Doug Homan, created June 30, 2015