GOTV / Adopt-A-Voter

This page will explain the features of the GOTV (Get Out The Vote) feature and provide instruction as to how it works.

What does the GOTV feature do?

The GOTV/Adopt-A-Voter feature allows you to target specific voters and assign them to volunteer watchlists. The volunteers can then log into their account and monitor whether the voters on their watchlist have voted or not. This is a great way to ensure that people are getting to the polls or requesting a VBM ballot and voting.

Instructions for Set-Up

For a demo of how to set up GOTV, see our GOTV Admin video

Volunteer Configuration

The first step in setting up is to configure the volunteer settings, which can be done by following these steps:

  • From the new menu, select "Volunteer Configuration" under administration. If you are on the old menu, click the green link to the new menu in the bottom right hand corner.
  • Here you can configure the settings for your volunteers. Choose the default date to end volunteer access, create a welcome email that they will receive, and add tags to classify and organize which volunteers are doing which tasks.
  • Once you are finished editing the settings, make sure that you click "Save" in the top right corner

GOTV Admin

  • Once you have successfully configured the volunteer settings, return to the main menu and in the search bar, search the name of the volunteer that you would like to add.
  • Click the name of the voter that you would like to add. This will take you to the voter details page.
  • On the right on the voter details screen, select contact info. Update the contact info so that it has the correct email and phone number and click save.
  • On the right select "Volunteer." Select "Activate" for the Adopt-a-Voter option. When you activate Adopt-a-Voter, a particular star color will appear.
  • When you select the "Sign by Map" option below, a map will appear of the homes in the area surrounding the Volunteer's address. You can place the star on top of homes that you would like to assign to them.
  • When you have the map open, there are a few options at the top that allow you to target different homes. The target at the top of the screen will only show homes that you have specifically targeted. The elephant will show all homes that have a registered Republican. The house icon will mark all homes.
  • A small marker means that there is only 1 registered Republican in the home, a medium marker has 2, and a large marker has 3 or more.
  • The darker colors denote the voting history of the voters in the home. The darker the color of the marker, the more frequently the individuals have voted.
  • Select the houses that you would like to assign to the vounteer, and it will mark them with a star. When you are done, you can close out of the map.
  • To link the volunteer to a user account, click "Send login credentials" on the Volunteer page. This will generate a user account based on the Volunteer Configuration and send her an email to login.

GOTV for Volunteers

For a demo of how a volunteer would use the GOTV feature, see our Adopt-a-Voter Volunteer video.

  • Once you have set up an account for a volunteer, they will receive an email welcoming them to webElect with instructions on how to access the account and set up the mobile app.
  • Once the volunteer has logged onto webElect, they will go to GOTV and select "My voters".
  • Here, they will be able to see all of the voters assigned to them and whether or not they have voted as well as their VBM ballot status.
  • On the left of the screen, volunteers have the options to easily print VBM ballot requests, create walk packets, and make phone calls to their voters.
  • Volunteers can also manually add voters to their watchlists. To do so, return to the main menu and search the name of the voter.
  • Click on the name of the voter to go to their voter profile, and from the options on the right select "Outreach." Click the "+" next to GOTV Watchlist and the voter will be added to the voluteers list.

Last updated by Doug Homan, created September 15, 2018