Remove Already Voted


*applies only to state elections

You no longer need to do this manual method of removing.  You can turn on the walk target's option to auto-remove already voted and we will remove any non-walked voters that have voted as we process each day's VBM and Early Voted lists.


This page demonstrates how to remove voters who have already cast a ballot in the upcoming election from your Walk Targets. First target voters who have already voted, then use the "kick out of" query process option to remove those voters from your Walk Target.

How-to Video

Step-by-Step Instructions

  • Click "Query/Targeting" on the Main Menu
  • Choose "Keep Only Already Voted (Early and AB)" using the drop down menu under Choose Early/AB Voted Status at the top of the page
  • Click "Next Page"

  • Click "Next Page" again to get to the Query Process Options page
  • Select "Show Options" for Walk/Canvassing
  • Choose the Action List option but change "Save into" to "Kick out of" and change "Create New List" to whichever Walk Target you want to remove the voters from
  • Click "Run Report"

Last updated by Doug Homan, created August 18, 2016