Sign Delivery Module

Note: To use the mapping features, you must have paid for the Google Maps Integration option.


Track sign requests by looking up individual records on the website, updating the mobile walk app, or by scanning barcodes from walk/call sheets. Indicate how many signs to deliver and any notes such as "Place on the north side of driveway".

Deliver yard signs by viewing request locations in the mobile app or creating paper packets with optimized routing directions. The status of the sign request will change to in-process, and then to delivered, to indicate which locations no longer need to be delivered.

How-to Video

Step-by-Step Instructions

1. Create a new list for signs by clicking the "Sign Delivery" main menu link, then "Add New Sign List". If your campaign is using the walk/canvassing module, you should already have a "Yard Signs" list.

  Most campaigns should only have one or two sing lists: "Yard Signs" and possibly one more for "Street Signs". There are time when you may need to add additional lists, but generally you should try to use as few as possible.

2. Add records to the list.

  A. On the website:

  • Search for the person
  • Click the "envelope" icon
  • Select the appropriate sign list
  • Set the quantity, status, and any notes

     B. Using the mobile walk app  (only available when using the walk module, not by voter lookup)

  • Click the yard sign checkbox and set quantity, status, and notes

     C. Scanning on packets from the walk/canvassing module ONLY (this will NOT work if your list is printed from a different module/tool)

  • Click the Walk/Canvassing button on the Main Menu
  • Click the Barcode link of the walk target you are scanning results for
  • Upon scanning a barcode, click any groups that have been marked and set yard sign options if needed

     D. Scanning barcodes directly into the sign lists

  • Click the Signs Delivery button on the Main Menu
  • Click "Barcode" next to the sign list you'd like to add
  • Choose if you are scanning "Requests" or "Deliveries"
  • Upon scanning a barcode, a record will be added with the status you selected to scan. You then have the option to change the quantity, status, or notes, and/or then proceed to the next scan.

3. Process requests and deliver.

     A. Organize deliveries for mobile app users and/or to print paper packets with routes

  • Click "Sign Delivery" on the Main Menu
  • Click the "Map" link for the sign list to organize deliveries for. This will only show the "requested" records as pink markers and will not show any requests that have already been added to a delivery packet or that have already been delivered. (To see all sign records regardless of status, click the "Map" symbol next to the count in the "Total" column.)
  • Click each marker to select it for a packet, or turn on the "Select by Area" in the top menu to select markers by drawing a boundary line. Note that optimizing the route and getting driving directions is limited to 25 markers at a time.
  • If you have selected 25 markers or less you can opt to get driving directions and/or optimize the driving route:

               i. Click the "car" button in the top menu

               ii. To get directions in the order you selected the markers, click "Use Current Order".

               iii. To optimize the route, click the marker you want to be the starting point and then click the marker you want to be the ending point.

               iv. If you are not happy with the selected route, click the "car" button again to clear it and try again

  • When you are happy with your selection, click "Submit" to save the packet. This will show you the Packet Edit page allowing you to specify a name for the packet and add any notes.
  • Click the "Get PDF Packet" button if you would like to print a paper copy of the map and list of delivery instructions for each selected address. If you have created a route, turn-by-turn driving directions will be printed between stops.

     B. In the mobile app:

  • Click the "Signs" button on the menu
  • If the campaign has divided delivery up into packets, enter the Packet I.D. number. Otherwise, select Targets and then the sign list you want, and then either "Map Near Me" or "Map All".
  • If working on a packet, you will only see the requests assigned to that packet. If viewing the whole list, you will see pink markers indicating unassigned requests, colored markers indicating requests assigned to a packet, and grey markers indicating delivered signs.
  • Tap a marker to see its exact address.
  • Tap the address to see the details of the request. The bold record indicates the person requesting the sign.
  • Tap the clipboard icon next to their name to see details of the request including quantity and any further directions.
  • Click "back", then tap the checkbox next to their address and then the "Complete" button if you delivered the sign (or "Incomplete" if you did not).
  • Proceed to the next address.

4. Update the status of records after delivery

     A. If you are using the mobile app, the status will already be updated as each sign is delivered

     B. If delivering via paper packet, follow the directions in 2-D (above on this page) to scan barcodes

     C. Or, you can opt to update all records in a packet to "Delivered"  by clicking the Sign Delivery button on the Main Menu, then the "Packets" link next to the sign list the packet belongs to, then the link to the packet you want to update. Now click the "Update All to Delivered" button and every record in the packet will be marked as delivered.

Last updated by Doug Homan, created February 3, 2016