Targeting Gated Communities


This page describes how to target voters who live in gated communities and thus are hard to reach via canvassing. Query these voters like you would any others, save it as a Walk Target action list (if you don't already have one saved), and map the Target using the "highlight accessible roads" button to locate gated communities. Then submit these communities as packets and output the packet as a call list (or whichever output option you choose.)

How-to Video

Step-by-Step Instructions

  • Create a Walk Target and map it or open an existing Target's map. (If you need help creating a Walk Target, see Walk/Canvassing Overview.)

  • Use your knowledge of the area and the "Highlight Accessible Streets" button to identify gated community locations. Roads that can be accessed by vehicle will be highlighted in blue. Roads that cannot, often gated communities, will remain white.

  • Zoom in on a gated community and use the "Select by area" tool to create a packet. Hit submit.

  • Rename your packet (optional), save it, and then click "Other Output Formats"

  • On the Group Criteria page, make a selection if needed and/or hit "Next Page"
  • On the Query Process Options page, click "Show Options" for Call/Phone Bank
  • Choose "PDF Call List" (or other desired output format) and click "Run Report"

Last updated by Jake Friedman, created August 3, 2016