User Location Data

Why To Use Location Data

Allowing the webElect App to access your phone or device's location data enables the user to see his/her location on the Map interface of a Walk Packet, represented by a yellow person icon. This is viewable in the "Map All" tool and essential for the "Map Near Me" option. Preventing webElect from accessing location data will cause the following warning when choosing Map Near Me: "User location data is not available. Showing all results instead." Location settings are also needed to log the coordiantes of the walker at the time of the update for quality control of data entry.

How To Enable Location Data

The first time a user accesses a walk packet the device will prompt them to Allow access to their location.  The user should click Yes or Allow.  If they did not allow access and later need to, follow these steps:

iPhone (Safari web-browser )

  1. Close all open Safari pages.
  2. From the device's home screen, Tap Settings -> General -> Reset -> Reset Location & Privacy
  3. The next time the user accesses a walk packet, it should prompt them again to Allow access to their location.

Android (Chrome web-broswer)

  1. Open Chrome
  2. Tap the Menu button (Dots in top right corner)
  3. Click Settings -> Site Settings -> All Sites ->
  4. Set Location Access to "Allow"

Note 1: If there is no location access setting available, please delete the webElect App from your home screen and then reinstall it by going to in your browser. In the event this still does not solve your problem, please contact
Note 2: Your device must also have location services enabled in the devices Settings.  On iPhone this is under Settings -> Privacy -> Location Services while on Android it is usually under Settings -> Location

Using "Map All" Instead

If you prefer to keep location data disabled, it is still possible to utilize the webElect App's Map interface by clicking "Map All" in a Walk Packet. We recommend you choose this option rather than just clicking "Okay" on the warning message when clicking "Map Near Me", because the warning message will constantly be displayed when returning to the Map after inputting data on each household. This usability issue will be fixed in an upcoming version of the App.

Last updated by Doug Homan, created May 4, 2016