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Table of Contents

Targeting Voters

Targeting Basics

Learn the basics of how to pull voter lists and target specific blocs of voters in your campaign dataset.

Target Voters Using Municipal and Special Elections

Learn how to use non-standard election dates in the targeting tool.  This is especially effective when filtering for municipal and special election voters. The video first demonstrates how to test and make sure the county SOE reports the elections since the SOEs are not required to report non-standard election data in the state data webElect uses.

Combine Multiple Queries for Complex Targeting

Learn how to combine queries for complex targeting efforts by running the Query/Targeting tool multiple times.

Precinct/Target Analysis

Learn how to analyze precincts based on voter targeting criteria of your choosing.

Recruit Precinct Captains - Basic Output

Learn how to use webElect to target and recruit precinct captains and volunteers.

Targeting Gated Communities

Learn how to identify gated communities in order to output a Call List for those households/voters.


Create Walk Packets

Learn how to create walk packets after pulling a list of voters using the Targeting tool. The video explains how to export a voter list into a walk list, and then how to break that walk list down into smaller packets and assign these to different users.

Using the Mobile App (UNDER CONSTRUCTION)

Learn how to use the webElect App on your mobile device. The app is used mainly for walk canvassing and does not replace the computer-based webElect platform.

Entering Walk Packet Results

Learn how to enter your printed Walk Packet data into webElect.

Map Target by Precinct

Learn how to map a Walk Target by a single precinct or group of precincts, instead of viewing the entire Target all at once.

Identify Gated Communities

Learn how to use the webElect Google Maps Integration to identify gated communities within a walk list/packet so campaign staff or volunteers can plan accordingly.

Remove Already Voted

Learn how to remove voters who have already cast a ballot in the upcoming election from your Walk Targets.

Query Output Options

Print Prefilled Petitions

Learn how to print prefilled petition forms for targets, groups, walk lists, and individuals.


Entering Contributions and Expenses

Learn how to keep track of your campaign's finances in webElect by entering contributions and expenses.

Entering Reimbursement Transactions

Learn how to enter reimbursement transactions.

Account Reconciliation

Learn how to reconcile your bank accounts.

Filing Finance Reports

Learn how to use webElect to automatically prepare your periodic campaign finance report and then file this report with the state.


Query State Contributions

Learn how to use the Donor Query tool to enhance your campaign's fundraising effort. This searchable database contains information on donors to statewide campaigns and can be filtered with a variety of criteria.


Import Voters into a Group

Learn how to import voters from a pulled list or outside spreadsheet, database, and voter-file into a webElect Group using voter ID numbers.

Last updated by Doug Homan, created November 4, 2015