weWalk Canvassing App

The weWalk canvassing app is a simplified walk app used when you need the easiest method to get large groups of volunteers knocking on doors. It is accessed in Safari or Chrome mobile browsers at https://wewalk.app

  • Easy for end users to access and use - minimal training
  • Quickly mobilize large groups of new volunteers
  • Can work offline without a data connection
  • Users are tracked using a single "guest" account*
  • Users must have a Packet ID to access a packet
  • Only tag data and completion status are collected (no phone, email, or notes at this time)

*we will be adding an option that allows the campaign to specify if users must provide an individual identity

Operational Overview

  1. Campaign creates a walk project and splits houses into walk packets.
  2. Campaign creates a 3 word access code used by volunteers to access the campaign in the weWalk app. Example "flag star fly"
  3. Campaign distributes the app web address and pass phrase to the group of volunteer walkers.
  4. Walkers access the app in their web browser, enter the pass phrase, and enter a packet ID
  5. Walkers are presented with the packet details and a street list view. They can walk from the list view or a live map view and continue to work without a data connection. The app will continually monitor the data connection and push updates through when established.


  1. Create a walk project and packets.
  2. Log into the new interface at https://v5.webelect.net
  3. Click Volunteer Configuration
  4. Check to Enable Guest Access
  5. Enter an access code, or click the wand to have one generated. Example "flag star fly"
    • the phrase must be at least 12 characters long and at least 3 words
    • choose words that are easy to understand when spoken
    • words should not have muliple spellings
    • use only letters so users do not have to change keyboards
    • phrase is case insensitive so no need to capitalize
  6. Save the volunteer configuration
  1. In your mobile browser, enter "wewalk.app" in the address bar
  2. Enter the pass phrase as the campaign's access code
  3. Enter the packet ID given to you
  4. Use the list and map views to walk to each house
    • Expand a street to see the individual houses
    • Expand a house to see the individuals. Targeted voters are bold.
    • Enable/Disable tags as appropriate and then check the address when complete
    • You may use the live map view with a data connection, or reference the overview map if offline

Last updated by Doug Homan, created June 2, 2020