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The add-On Walk Mapping, Premium Tags, and FL Donor Query features can be added from within the account (once it is set up) on the Administration->Subscription page.

webElect is to be used to support Republican candidates in partisan races or can be used by any candidate in non-partisan races. If your usage will fall outside of these parameters, please provide a broad description of how it will be used.

Example "To support committee initiatives"

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This is used as the main contact info for the subscription and the initial Administrative user account. An order confirmation link will be sent to this email address which will need to be clicked to complete the order. You will be able to add additional users after logging into the account.

Campaign Info

Enter the next general election date for this district or office (or run-off date), even if you only plan to subscribe through the primary election. If this is for a special election, enter the final date of the special election. 11/05/2024 is the next statewide general election.